Interior Ideas

All things white, that is what we like! Down couches, dutch mints, vanilla candles, white pear tea;bell jars, chandeliers and bottle brush trees…Glass, glitter, old and new; gold, pearls, paper, silver hues. From french to flea market, second hand too, treasures we find to bring them to you. Blank canvas’ waiting to be brought to life-Anyone can do it grandma, mother, daughter or wife. More color suits your palette? Well white is just the start…add as much as you desire, whatever fills your heart! Come along experience, no need to travail, as we simply show you how to unveilthe beauty unknown in how to make your house, your home.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love with Passion

Often times we find ourselves living to the beat of our perfectly filled in calendar rather than allowing for moments to engage in conversation with others and really spend “time” getting to know those around us. A group of dear frineds have planned to get together once every few months to engage in fellowship with one another and to “love each other with passion”. For the month of January I hosted the tea in my home. With Valentines day right around the corner I decided what better way to celebrate the Love we have for one another than to make it a Valentines Day Tea.

Although decorating brings me great joy having each of these wonderful ladies over for tea and conversation filled my heart with an abundant amount of thankfulness and love that no amount of glitter could ever bring me.

I asked each girl to bring their favorite bible verse about love which would be used to create a special treat they could take home. I provided a brief DIY guide and then they were off. I loved seeing how each girl created a candle that perfectly represented them. They were so beautiful. I secretly wanted to keep them all.

I am blessed to call each of these ladies, “Friend”.

DIY Valentine's Day Treats

I was always told, “The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his belly.” When I met my wonderful husband this quote carried all too much truth. He is one of those guys that will just gaze at you as your finishing your last bite in hopes that you will offer to share. Of course, I then find myself reaching across the table to give him my last taste of deliciousness. When I saw these adorable Valentine treat bags over atTwig & Thistle , yes their name gives you a peek at just how lovely their products are , I knew what I would be making for my Valentine.

This Valentines Day why not give a home made treat to those you love? Baked to perfection, and packaged with love any Valentine will surely love such a thoughtful gift.

So link on over to Twig & Thistle to download your free DIY instructions and printable design.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whispering White Moments

As far back as I can remember I have always wished for a french styled bathroom. A claw foot bathtub, plantation shutters, pedestal sinks, oval mirrors with wall sconces on each side, a vintage chandelier hanging from the celining, fresh gardenias, candles, marble floors, a plush towel and a cozy sitting chair to relax in after a warm, bubbly bath.

Although I may not have every element of my ideal bathroom I have created a cozy place to sit back relax and enjoy some whispering white moments. Each element of the bathroom holds a special memory.

The beautiful, crystal chandelier which is hanging above my tub was given to me by my mother on my 18th Birthday. It lit my room when I went off to college, hung above me at my bridal shower, highlited my wedding cake, and it now illuminates our bathtub.

Hanging on the wall adjacent to each window is a french styled mirror that was once tarnished and tattered. With a fresh coat of paint it now reflects light and beauty.

Monogramed apothecary jars filled with q-tips, body brushes, cotton balls, and towels make for a perfect bathroom embellishment. These lovely jars were given to my husband and I as a wedding gift. You can order yours through Pottery Barn.

As you sit, soak, and relax remember to Live each day to the fullest, Laugh often, and Love pationately. Fill these dainty bottles with pearls, bath salts, or even love letters. You can purchase yours today through our Etsy site.

Head on over to Faded Charm to see many more pieces of inspiration that the color white can evoke.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

The house is filled with details of ringing in the New Year, family and friends will soon arrive to share in the festivities, and my heart is full; full of thankfulness for the abundant blessings that we are blessed with each day.


New Years Eve Table scape


Champagne glasses, Ice buckets, Top Hats, Clocks, Horns, Silver and Gold all details to ring in the New Year




White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Ice Cream Sammies


We look forward to the new changes that will be coming to White Market during the 2011 year and cant wait to make you apart of our journey.

Blessings to you and yours!