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All things white, that is what we like! Down couches, dutch mints, vanilla candles, white pear tea;bell jars, chandeliers and bottle brush trees…Glass, glitter, old and new; gold, pearls, paper, silver hues. From french to flea market, second hand too, treasures we find to bring them to you. Blank canvas’ waiting to be brought to life-Anyone can do it grandma, mother, daughter or wife. More color suits your palette? Well white is just the start…add as much as you desire, whatever fills your heart! Come along experience, no need to travail, as we simply show you how to unveilthe beauty unknown in how to make your house, your home.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harvest and Halloween Boo-tique


Pumpkin spice, wassle, tea, carmel apples and treats were the fragrances that filled my home yesterday as I hosted a Harvest and Halloween Boutique in my home. Friends and family joined me to shop from my fall collection of goodies while enjoying tea time with one another. The greatest gift I receive from hosting these events in my home is the chance to see those dear in my heart and fill their hands and homes with creations that I have spent thoughtful time creating for them. As I sit and create I often think, “Oh I know that this person will adore this piece”, or “I wonder who will choose this special creation.” I love seeing my cherished treasures enter the hands of those who adore their splendor. A friend once said, ”Creating is a labor of love.” With each piece I feel that you are not only getting a “thing” but a piece of my love and heart. Enjoy the sweet fragrances and warm thoughts of thanks that this season of fall brings.

A Room Filled with Blessings of Fall




A room filled with HALLOWEEN Treats



More close up photos will appear throughout the week- so check back often- Cheers!


  1. Hi Aubrey,
    What a gorgeous fall home you have! Everything looks absolutely beautiful and festive! I would love to attend a fall boutique as spectacular as yours!
    Beautiful photos!
    Have a great week.

  2. Thank you Aubrey,
    For your beautiful comment! I took the buffet to Antiues Station in hopes to do something else to replace it down the line :)

    Love your fall home show and Hannah and I want to come to your next one! :)
    Give your family our love !!!
    Dore & Hannah Bug!

    PS. Do you still live in Rancho ??

  3. How magical it all looks!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank You ladies for your sweet comments. I adore each of your sites and the work you do, so these words coming from you mean so much to me.

    Dore I will definitely send you an invite for you and Hannah to come over for tea and shopping when I have my Christmas open house. Yes still in Rancho.

    Enjoy your week!

  5. What a pretty home you have...I love all of your decorations. Can't wait to see more. Best wishes :)

  6. Oh, it all looks so beautiful Aubrey. I wish I could have made it. Maybe I'll be able to make your Christmas one :-)

  7. People need to see this!! Where are your readers?
    Can I blog some of your photos (not saying that will bring a crowd, but... :)